Visas are NOT required by all persons falling under the following category:

(a) Citizens of all Commonwealth countries except : Australia, Canada, Guyana, India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Ireland, Pakistan, United Kingdom, South Africa (if over 30 days stay) and Bangladesh.(b) Countries with which Kenya has a Visa Abolition Agreement : Ethiopia, San Marino.

(c) Delegates attending regional or international conferences, meetings, workshops, seminars and courses sponsored by regional or international organizations of which Kenya is a member, provided that they hold a valid invitation.  Visas are granted on application and on production of documentary evidence that the applicant is a bona fide delegate and the conference is sponsored by a regional or an international organisation of which Kenya is a member.

(ii) Spouses and children accompanying delegates who fulfill the requirements outlined above may be issued with visas on application.(iii) Diplomatic/Official passport holders are granted visas on gratis basis on production of documentary evidence that the applicant is on official business.

(d) Holders of valid re-entry passes to Kenya.