Government Structure

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta C.G.H, Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces.
The Government of Kenya under the new Constitution consists of: The Executive; Legislature, Judiciary and the Devolved Government.

The Executive

The President, the Deputy President and the Cabinet constitute the executive arm of the Kenyan government.

The President is the Head of State and Government, Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, and the chairperson of the National Security Council.

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The Deputy President is the President’s principal assistant.

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The Parliament
Kenya’s Parliament consists of two houses: the National Assembly and the Senate.

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The Judiciary

The Judiciary is divided into Superior Courts and Subordinate Courts. The Superior Courts are: the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court. The Supreme Court is the highest court in Kenya. The Subordinate Courts are: the Magistrates Courts, the Kadhi Courts, the Courts Martial and the Tribunals.

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The Devolved Government

The Kenyan Constitution establishes 47 Counties, each with its own government. The County governments consist of the County assembly and the County executive. The County Governor is the head of the County executive.

Kenya Government

Statehouse, Kenya –
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade –
Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government(Department of Immigration) –
Ministry of Devolution & Planning-
Ministry of Defence-
Ministry of Health-
Ministry of Education-
Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology –
Ministry of East African Community –
Ministry of Commerce, Tourism & East Africa Region-
Ministry of Industrialization & Enterprise Development –
Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure –
Ministry of Energy & Petroleum –
Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resource –
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries –
Ministry of Mining-
Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development-
Ministry of Sports, Culture & the Arts-
Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Services-
The National Treasury-