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This Service Charter is a statement of commitment by the staff of the Kenya High Commission in Canberra to provide dedicated quality service to our clients. The charter outlines our operations, functions, values and commitment to provision of service to our esteemed customers within the countries of accreditation.

The Vision, Mission, and the Core objectives are herein stated for clarity of the range of services provided by the High Commission to its clients.

This Client Charter also specifies mechanisms for forwarding complaints, comments and suggestions. It introduces the crucial aspect of Monitoring and Evaluation for the purpose of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

It is anticipated that with this Charter, the Kenya High Commission clients are customer alike.

We therefore welcome comments and suggestions for greater customer satisfaction.


Isaiya Kabira


The Kenya High Commission in Canberra was established in 1984 to consolidate Kenya-Australia and New Zealand relations. It is thus, accredited to the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand.



To articulate Kenya’s foreign policy as well as project, promote, and protect Kenya’s interest in the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand.



A model Mission excellently articulating Kenya’s Foreign Policy in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Region for the benefit of the Kenyan People.



To articulate and implement Kenya’s foreign policy and national interests in Australia, New Zealand  and Pacific region through effective diplomatic engagement.



The values and principles that guide members of the High Commission in discharging their duties include:

  • Patriotism;
  • Excellence;
  • Professionalism;
  • Discipline;
  • Team spirit and Collective Responsibility;
  • Creativity (Innovation);
  • Accountability;
  • Integrity; and
  • Equity.



  • Promote, protect and project Kenya’s image and prestige in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region;
  • Contribute Kenya’s economic transformation and realization of the Vision 2030 through effectively articulation of Economic Diplomacy;
  • Protect interest of Kenyans in the Countries of Accreditation;
  • To enhance for mutual benefit the relations between Kenya and the Countries of Accreditation;
  • Marketing Kenya as Africa’s financial hub and destination of choice for investment and tourism;
  • Implementing   Kenya’s Foreign Policy in relation to Australia and New Zealand;
  • Interacting with other Foreign Missions in Australia and New Zealand in pursuit of Kenya’s Foreign Policy goals and objectives;
  • Negotiating conclusion of Agreements with Australia and New Zealand in fields of mutual interest;
  • Facilitating state and/or official visits to Australia and New Zealand by Kenyan delegations;
  • Provision of Consular Services;
  • Kenyans in the Diaspora in the Countries of Accreditation; and
  • Ensuring   effective participation in Pan African Affairs in countries of accreditation.



The core principles of service delivery for the High Commission include:

  • Safeguarding and upholding the High Commission’s mandate of articulating and implementing Kenya’s Foreign Policy within countries of accreditation;
  • Providing clients with adequate and up-to-date information about services offered at the High Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Government institutions;
  • Extending consular facilities to Kenyan nationals;
  • Informing the Kenyan public on opportunities available in Australia and New Zealand; and
  • Providing and sustaining a strong communication link between the Kenya government and the respective government(s) in countries of accreditation.



The High Commission’s principal clients include the:

  • The People of Kenya
  • The Host Governments
  • Ministries, Departments and other Agencies (MDAs) of the Government of Kenya
  • Foreign Missions and International Organizations Accredited to Australia and New Zealand;
  • The Nationals of the countries of accreditation;
  • Universities and NGOs in Kenya and Countries of Accredidation;
  • Private Sectors in Kenya and Countries of Accreditation;
  • Kenyans in the Diaspora and Kenya Diaspora Associations in the Countries of Accreditations;
  • The High Commission Staff; and
  • Other Stakeholders.



The High Commission’s services include:

  • Provision of Information on Kenya’s Foreign Policy;
  • Facilitation of state/official visits from Kenya as well as from countries of accreditation to Kenya;
  • Provision of Consular and Immigration Services and issuance of visa services to prospective visitors to Kenya;
  • Provision of advisory services on education, employment and related opportunities in countries of accreditation;
  • Protocol Services to visiting dignitaries;
  • Management of Diaspora affairs;
  • Authentication of Kenyan documents;
  • Provision of information on Tourism in Kenya;
  • Provision of information on Trade and investment opportunities in Kenya and in host countries;
  • Facilitation of official travel by delegations from Kenya as well as delegations from countries of accreditation to Kenya;
  • Facilitation of participation by officials in international conferences hosted in countries of accreditation as well as in Kenya; and
  • Linkage with the diplomatic community in countries of accreditation.



The High Commission is committed to providing its clients with quality services in line with its core values. The Mission endeavors to analyze and evaluate its achievements and performance periodically with the aim of effectively and efficiently meeting the dynamic needs and aspirations of its clientele within this region. These are summarized as below:

a)       Responsiveness

We will endeavor to:

  • Deal with your enquiries and complains promptly and effectively;
  • Answer your call promptly;
  • Be courteous and helpful at all times;
  • Reply to your letters, faxes, and emails within five (5) working days and on more complex issues, our initial reply will give you an estimate of the time as a full response will take and the cost if any;
  • Attend to visitors promptly;
  • Process your visa applications within five working days;
  • Liaise with the various departments in Nairobi to process your documents (passports, certificate of good conduct, certificate of no impediments to marriage, birth certificates, etc.) within the shortest time possible; and
  • Prompt payment for goods and services upon submission of accurate invoices and other supporting documents in line with the Government of Kenya procurement procedures and regulations.


b)      Quality

  • Treat you with respect, courtesy and confidentiality;
  • Identify ourselves when we speak to you;
  • Be clear and helpful in our interactions; and
  • Act with care, diligence, honesty and integrity as we respond and deal with all your issues.


c)      Accessibility

The High Commission’s Office Hours are as follows:

Business and Consular Hours (Monday to Friday): 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

In case of an emergency after office hours or during weekends and public holidays, clients may reach the Duty Officer (s) on contacts left on the High Commission’s answering machine.

d)      Environment and Cleanliness

The High Commission premises are a ‘No Smoking Zone’. This is in line with Kenya Government Directive applicable to all public buildings and places. Accordingly, the High Commission endeavors to uphold this principle by maintaining cleanliness and a smoke-free environment. We would, indeed, expect our esteemed clients to conform to this guideline.



a)      Our Obligations to our Clients:

In our interactions with our customers, we are committed to:

  • Uphold professionalism and integrity;
  • Provide effective and efficient service;
  • Undertake our duties and responsibilities proactively;
  • Provide timely and relevant information as and when required;
  • Treat both information and our customers with confidentiality;
  • Treat customers with respect and courtesy;
  • Maintain open door policy to all in need of our services;
  • Promptly and positively respond to staff needs;
  • Provide conducive working environment;
  • Respect the host government’s laws, rules and regulations; and
  • Respect opinions.


b)      Client Obligation

As our esteemed client, you are requested to:

  • State your request(s) as clearly as possible when corresponding with us;
  • Where necessary, ensure that you provide us with copies of the necessary supporting documents when submitting your request(s);
  • Quote any relevant references in all communications with us;
  • Deal with officers at your service with courtesy, as they handle your request with diligence;
  • Observe and respect our procedures, rules and regulations;
  • Observe and respect the laws of the host government; and
  • Observe time in case of prior appointment.



Clients are encouraged to lodge genuine complaints and suggestions to the High Commissioner on the address and channels of communications provided in this Service Charter.

The High Commission commits itself to handling complaints by:

  • Sustaining a Complaints/Suggestion Box; and
  • Maintaining a Register of Actions Taken to address your complaints.



Appeals in respect of cases of dissatisfaction with actions taken on individual complaints will be addressed promptly.



The High Commission endeavors to use feedback received from clients to evaluate its performance against the commitments in this Charter on quarterly basis.

We aim to ensure that the accuracy and quality of service we provide are of international standard by continuously incorporating relevant and emerging development in this service charter.

We also aim to improve procedures for monitoring the quality of our services and reporting the results.

Develop service delivery in line with continuously advancing technology and the changing needs of our clients.



For purposes of improving this Charter to efficiently meet the satisfaction of our clients, we welcome your suggestions and inputs.

If you wish to comment or make any suggestions towards improving the quality of this Charter, kindly do not hesitate to reach us through any of the communication services/channels specified in this Charter.



This Charter is available in electronic format on our website at where details regarding our other services and contact information are also available. The High Commission website can also be accessed as a hyperlink via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya’s website:



Physical Address

43 Culgoa Circuit, O’Malley
Telephone: + (61)-02-62474788
Canberra, ACT 2606
Fax + (61)-02-62576613


Postal Address

GPO Box 1990, Canberra, ACT 2601



This Charter will be amended from time to time with a view to optimizing the quality and standard of delivery of services to our valued clients.